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Faye Childs

Faye Childs was born in Jackson Ms. but raised in New Orleans. Her mother Stella Cameron moved when Faye was 5 years years old. They reside there until Hurricane Katrina. The family evacuated to Mississippi and due to conditions of New Orleans, they decided to make Mississippi their home. After staying there for 3 years Faye and her husband Todd Childs  decided to take their Production Gifts to another level and moved to Atlanta Georgia where they currently reside.
Faye began writing plays in Church for every major holiday, Once she attended her 1st Professional Play at the Saenger Theather in New Orleans
 she said to herself "I can do this !"  and that's just what happened! Faye has directed, produced and starred in "DON'T WANNA PLAY HOUSE NO MORE" and " LIES LUST AND BETRAYAL ! 
Faye expresses that writing plays is her joy and that she is grateful that GOD has blessed her with this gift. " Once I get a title or subject in my mind it's on, it's like a songwriter flowing with their lyrics. The script comes to me line after line . The characters that I've created literally come to life through me, I become that character."

Faye also stated that this is one of the best careers anyone could ever have . You are on stage having fun, getting a message across to Gods People and getting your Praise on All at one time ...I LOVE IT !

In 2008 when Faye moved to Atlanta Ga. she connected with a Cinematographer who asked her to write a movie, which she had Never done before but still said yes. " I was scared but in my mind I knew I could do it, so I actually went home picked a movie to watch and I watched it in detailed and I did  lol my 1st short Film "COVERED BY HIS BLOOD"....She is now working on a New Full 2 hour Movie , "PRAISE HAS NO COLOR"  !!!!!!!!!

For the future Faye desires to have her Own Sitcoms, Studio and TV Network 

Proverbs 3:5-6.....Trust in the Lord with all thine heart ; and lean not unto thine own understanding..In all thine ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.

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